1987 was ONLY ten years ago

remember in summer school when francis grimp writes a letter to complain about his sunglasses always breaking? these are the ones they send him as an apology, right? timely, kanye.

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ps, the hat totes ruins your new rave look, k dubs...i woulda gone with nothing, just lightning bolts shaved into your fade.


Anonymous said...

awesome! yay! a blog!

i will shortly send you facehunter pix from last night. he looks posessed. i love it.

edgecakez said...

kanye is really breaking ground in the douchewad community. i just wish someone would bring back wearing all your shit backwards.

p.s...i think 1987 may have been 20 years ago?

White Lightning said...

HA oops. i meant to finish that sentence as like, 'in my mind' because you know i live the 90s. eh, i'll leave it. it makes you feel like you're in a TIME MACHINE

edgecakez said...

yes, bo yes!

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