biafran belly and beehive bustedness

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holy shit. um...what the hell am i looking at? how do you even arrange your head like this? does she have to duck in doorways? do you think that ANY of that hair is even hers? i am convinced that she is bald under there and sticks that thing on her head before she leaves the house, like some gnarly matted hair-fez. i also think its where she keeps her flask, her wallet, her drugs, and her liquid eyeliner. maybe some gum. (ps, i refuse to discuss the thong).


Graham Smith said...

That bit directly above the pen in her back pocket looks like a really disturbing hamburger.

edgecakez said...

what do you think the ass looks like naked? i dunno why but mcdonald's pancakes come to mind...

Anonymous said...

[basically what the crap]
Hahaha that's frickin amazing.
Haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
And I agree.
She could be a man going round as a chick...
Naturally bald, ultra-metabolized, and highly gay.
Hence the thong.
;) crackk up
Though frightening—

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