5 for friday: obsessions of the week

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darjeeling limited comes out today...i've seen it already (i'm awesome, remember?) and it's not his best but it looks amazing and who is really paying attention to anything else when adrien "that face" brody is shirtless and bejangled?


ok so, yes, this kate nash song is essentially a lily allen/regina spektor mashup and i am kind of on the fence of whether or not i think it is SUPERcheesy but NONETHELESS..i've been listening to it all week at work. (also, girlfriend gets points for yellow on yellow on yellow. and her pronunciation of BITTAH. but..can your accent ACTUALLY be that exaggerated???)

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omg omg omg the office is back the office is back. THIS WAS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT. yaaaah yaah yah jim and pam! (nerd alert)

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ummm...i want these. i need them. i MUST have them. but they will definitely carry a combined pricetag of oh, say, at LEAST a month's rent. plus tax. sad face. oh, life is so hard.

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the new lula is out...miss kikiiiii is the 'guest editor' (oooh! totes IMPORTANT SOUNDING). i love this magazine...the styling is so cute and the design is largely nice (um, they love italics though? and um...who the fuck wants to read 800 words of italicized type? or who CAN, rather? it gives me a fucking HEADACHE. CAN YOU HEAR ME, LULA? a HEADACHE.) also..the paper is like, unbelievably pleasing to the touch. (wait-does that sound as nerdy as i think it does? sorry. it's true though! go touch one!)


edgecakez said...

these are the moments that i miss homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. jim and pam forevs!

Anonymous said...

the pics are all just backlit playboy rip offs from 60s

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