just as inspirational in the 90s bulletin board of my mind.

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if this was actually my halloween costume..would ANYONE get it?


the gmh. said...

"You know I like to keep my cheeEEse dri-vin, eh, ehhhhh?"

No, they wouldn't get it. But you should do it anyway. Screw them. It's your costume. All that's important is that you get it.

brendan donnelly said...

i get it. i always get it

Unknown said...

ok, so here's mine: pale dead face makeup, oxford shirt, white briefs, socks, wayfarers --> the ghost of tom cruise in risky business after he totally gets the HIV from FUCKING A MOTHERFUCKING PROSTITUTE. too subtle?

edgecakez said...

oh dear god bo PLEASEEE!

remas haytham said...

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