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ok so even though the weather here in the NYC is slightly CONFUSED, fall is officially here, fucking 80 degree september weather be motherfucking DAMNED.

i have had a vision since, like, JUNE for fall...key words, phrases, and specific amazing items for inspiration include:

lady miss kier/vintage fluevog mary-janes, drew barrymore in her daisies/eric erlandson/flashing letterman phase, lisa loeb's dress in the 'stay' video, satin ribbon chokers, velvet betsey johnson babydolls, madonna in truth or dare when she visits her mom's grave and when she goes to the movie premiere, rayanne graff layers, the asian girl in clueless, janeane garofalo in reality bites, anything that was in my own closet in 1994.

you heard it here first, see you in geometry review.
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