like being caressed with a natural yogurt

so i needed a new drug...i've watched every episode of the office (deleted scenes AND commentary), memorized all of the flight of the conchords on my dvr and watch nathan barley on my ipod on my way to work. so i started watching the mighty boosh. it stars the preacherman and the dj from nathan barley, so already you should be kinda psyched.

i'm not even sure how to describe it...um, its like a demented british great space coaster with a wealth of gary numan jokes and a shaman and talking apes and a it mostly takes place in a zoo? hm. that isn't doing it any justice. just get on over to the youtube and check it out. here is a teeny tiny little taste.

ps, the more i watch the more i feel like the conchords just ripped these guys off. i'm just saying.
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