receiving transmission from david bowie's nipple antennae

the list of hot weirdo shaggy-haired nerdy comedy musicians is kinda short, i know.

actually, it's shockingly, depressingly short...thank god for the the 20 minute porno i just watched AKA the season finale of flight of the conchords. in addition to the usual hot kiwi buckingham BRET there was some DEMETRI MARTIN action. he and bret start their own band. (dream show) (duh).

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oh sigh...who do i love more, hard to say. bret's got an accent but demetri maybe has a slight edge cuz he's got a statement nose and invented double hawks ("awkward...but beautiful").

PfuckingS..if one more gawker stalker or friend of mine sees the FOTC boys roaming about my neighborhood before i do i will be super duper double troubs maddd. that's like, waaaaay madder than regs mad. (that's why it has more d's)
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