i know it was you, paulo. you broke my heart.

ok, one last thing about paris fashion week...how bout what i didn't love? it hurts, it hurts deep inside but..CHLOE. i HATED CHLOE.

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this is the second collection that paulo andersson has done now, and i am so not feeling his NEW DIRECTION. i mean, fall was kind of a big shock to the mia-farrow-in-rosemary's-baby system that has been in place, but it was COOL. weird black dresses, giant red stompy boots, a really strong orange here and there..it was still cool. i still wanted to wear it. this season is all sad faced dishwater grey mopey see-through layers of BLAH. i hate it. the accessories are whatevs as well. it was like 1 boring dress shown 30 times. lame!!!
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