i'm a hater...and i am totally cool with that

no, no, no. nopes. eh-eh.

listen here.

I LOVE FASHION, OK, ? I LOVE WACKY. i love color and patterns and weird shit from your aunt's closet and your 8th grade t shirt and ugly/cool and mary-kate's everything.

but. BUT.

there is NO FUCKING WAY IN ANY GOD. DAMN. UNIVERSE. THAT THIS OUTFIT IS ACCEPTABLE. the only reason that fucking sartorialist took this picture is that it is AGYNESS DEYN, a HOT SHIT MODEL (who i love, sure, but um, uh, agyness...wtf?). THIS is an example of why i loathe his site...it's like 90% of those pictures are just to kiss ass. this look is shit! you can't defend it! YOU CAN'T! ohhhh deep breaths.

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