she's just 8 years early for the revival (or, subtitle, the absolute LAST stop for a downtown trend)

i have a special sweet emotion for fabiola beracasa. (i am gonna hazard a guess that most people who exist in a normal state of mind are like 'berawho?' which yeah, is the right answer. because she is a socialite. famous for absolutely nothing except going to parties. i know who she is from style.com party pictures, aaaand that's about it.)

so ever since the met gala where she went dressed like the CENTERPIECE at a QUINCENERA...

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...i have been mildly obsessed with what the fuck this botox banana likes to wear.

so i kind of choked on my morning coffee when i saw this pic of her giving 'ashley olsen's LES look of spring 06'.

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a hipster palestinian scarf? really fabiola? really? it is october. of 2007. i mean, i guess this is how long it takes trends to travel from like delancey to tinsley mortimer's slumber party..approx a year and a half? kind of disappointed fabz. (gonna ignore the american apparel leggings. it's too much for me to handle)

pics from style.com, shocker
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