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so you know how on inside the actor's studio james lipton asks that kind of annoying list of questions by that french dude? and then you get hear what is, like, keifer sutherland's favorite word (gravitas) and least favorite word (nigger) ? (btw, all all all true..that is a soundbite that they have been playing on stern for years. oh you didn't know i am a super howard stern fan? well now you know)

so d.black has his OWN list of questions that sometimes lays on people, the answers of which he claims tell you everything about that person.

the following is the questionnaire as i can recall it, and for the sake of this being MY BLOG i will answer them for you.

1. what is your favorite color? i don't actually have an answer for this. i want to ask, 'color for WHAT?' because, i don't know...it seems too broad (whoa, so TELLING already). although if pressed for an answer...i am very fond of mustard, hot pink, and a super intense blue. i would consider them all together for an outfit.

2. beatles or stones? i say beatles. although i am have a serious stones moment. for the record, dave considers 'beatles' the wrong answer.

3. would you rather be able to fly or be invisible? fly. DUH. it's universally agreed that FLY is the only acceptable answer. being INVISIBLE will only lead you to do supershady deceptive things and find out shit you never wanted to know. think about it.

4. who is your favorite beatle? (this seems to be paradoxical (is that a word?) to the fact that dave considers the STONES to be the only right answer to #2, but who am i to argue?) george harrison. john lennon close second. (answer key: lennon is the right answer, george is also acceptable. the answer of 'paul' gets you a thumbs down and friend status questioned. if you say ringo you are considered way out there and one eye should be kept on you)

5. if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? a brownstone in the west village and an old apartment in paris, sometimes secretly in a giant old house in portland or seattle.

6. if you could leave tomorrow to get away for a few days, money is not a factor, where would you go? tokyo, marrakech, or egypt

so what do my answers tell you? i have no idea. that i am unbelievably indecisive? that i am actually pretty boring? that i am supremely awesome? probs a little of all of the above.

extra credit: 2 questions of my own: what is your sign? and what is your spirit animal? (scorpio and lynn hirschberg, respectively)

print this out and make your own scantron.


D BLACK said...

supremely awesome


dove or arctic wolf


Ajax said...

libra, kitten

The sixties was about George and John, but the seventies was about Paul and Ringo.

The real question is, Wings or Beatles? WINGS, DUH!

louise said...

another libra


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

and also, when we win the lottery.
a tokyo and morroco buying trip is ON.

those are in my top two dream destinations, along with africa and hawaii.

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