hey rich girl

SPOTTED (ok, HEARD) in multiple scenes on wednesday night's GOSSIP GIRL...the virgins!

slowly but surely they will be the next hot hot thang thang. i talked about them non-stop this past summer, if you haven't checked out the scene yet DO IT NOW...

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but if this whole 'music thing' don't work out, i think that donald (look at him up there, so pretty!, amazing portrait by david black) should be on the show. he can work in the gallery that 'cool dad' owns and start to date the younger sister. or maybe he can be the love interest for 'ambiguously ethnic funky best friend with wacky patterned tunics and street jewelry'? he and dan start a band together called 'chromosome' or 'black out' and they start playing shows at mercury (renamed something like 'the spot'). blair will decide that she wants to rebel, a la serena, and get some love DOWNTOWN STYLE. she'll make a play for him at a big school dance, and like, get him a new guitar but he disses and she cries and then somehow ruins his life. it can be a 3 episode arc.

holy shit, CW, fuck this writer's strike...if you need fresh material you come RIGHT HERE..white lightnin will help you out! this flow don't stop for no picket line, kid!

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