i will wear them every day i swearrrrrrrr

dear fashion fairy godmother and/or anonymous wealthy patron with a heart of gold:

my biggest wish for spring/summer 2008. it is to own- and prance about new york city in- 1. this comme des garcons paper doll dress thing and 2. this miu miu harlequin dress.

actaually, let's call them "dresses" because the comme is a bonkers smock at best and the miu is an appropriate length for a 4 year old. (a short one)


can you somehow make this happen?
i am calling comme and miu miu tomorrow and getting on the lists. (what's the harm in TRYING THEM ON????) if you could just pick up the TAB, that would be SUPER, f.g./a.w.p.w.a.h.o.g.!

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i will be thinking of you while the people on the F gimme the stinkeye and my mother thinks i am joking.

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