music is not anyone's kingsize bed; c'mon now

ok so, i keep seeing that dang iphone commercial with that CSS song. you know...this one?

i guess i am not "down"or whatever, because i had to ask someone what song it was. (shit...they'll never let me back into brooklyn after this)

is it me, or is this basically straight out of an SNL skit? if the nunis made a record it would be this song.

Natalie Portman SNL Nuni Skit

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yes, i realize that this is the second post in a row about commercials. there is nothing left to DVR and i am FORCED to watch shit in REAL TIME. cry for me, argentina.


Ajax said...

Christ, even I have seen a CSS show.

You need to get hip, sister. You need to get hister.

Ajax said...

Wait, I take it back. That song seriously blows!

elizabeth said...

I TOLD YOU! you gotta trust, ajax

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