the revolution has been doucheletized

remember on felicity when meghan (the goth roommate) shows up for class and there are like 9 other black haired, ripped fishnetted, pierced up platform-booted hot topic-y goth girls so she goes home and puts on a pink chanel suit and a pillbox hat and recreates herself as jackie o, basically?

i had that feeling this past sunday. what happened, you may ask. well, i was minding my own BEESWAX when on the TEEVEE i saw a commercial for the new ford edge.

have you seen it? oh, no? well, ALLOW ME to describe it. some cute little brown haired gals with bangs and their bros (not scruffy enough) all climb into their EDGE and cruise the streets of manhattan. there is an extra-long sun roof in the car and our heroine, let's call her bangs1, is mesmerized by the big tall buildings ! so bangs1 is blissed out, leaned back, watching the ARCHITECTURE roll by, while THE FUNERAL by band of horses plays and bangs2 and bros A & B laugh and chat all around her. bangs1 stays in the car, mesmerized, while everyone climbs out because they have arrived at their destination: MARLOW&SONS in this cool new place called williamsburg.

i waited to post this because i was hoping to catch it again and take a screen shot but that hasn't happened yet. so i made a reasonable facsimile for you to enjoy:

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this is all making my head hurt. also, this whole premise is about as plausible as when the ugly ethnic funky friend on gossip girl trekked over to veselka to get pierogies to bring back to the loft in williamsburg for snack time. [bitch def ain't taking cabs (brooklyn=poor) so that is like..L train to first, then walk to 9th st then back to the L then back to bedford then climb up the fire escape and then..pierogie snack time? no way. but i digress]

extra credit: why does a car commercial love an indie rock soundtrack?


Unknown said...

i know. we need to get on the next level. 19th century coal miner has been done to death. and please no more little edie. bea arthur from golden girls is PLAYED. i'm at a loss really. is it too early to bring back 80s-donna-karan-8-easy-pieces/new-mexico-o'keefe-era calvin-klein/late-90s helmut-jil-uberminimalism? or we could just find vintage miguel adrover pieces on ebay and wear only those.

Bubeau said...

They are marketing to YOU! Doesn't that make you feel special? They want you! They really want you.

When they used Ozzy's "Crazy Train" I felt the same way: angered. Saddened. But then I realized they were marketing to ME, and I got all warm inside.

I am the target demographic! That day is over though.

White Lightning said...

NEXT LEVEL! holy shit, i was totally gonna suggest coal miner, get out of my HEAD steve!!

i can never be minimal, so that's out. maybe new mexico calvin? a braid and a turquoise bolo tie and ankle length denim skirts?

White Lightning said...

maybe i need to just buy the fucking car.

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