sometimes i just wanna go back to those gold soundz, i guess

for some reason, the day before thanksgiving hits me with major waves of high school nostalgia, the days in the dirty jerz.

i can't really say why, i guess i remember coming home from college and everyone is home and you go to the grand union (RIP) and see everyone, everyone's mom, and everyone's sister? i mean, obvs the rose-colored glasses are in effect here because at the time i hated all of it. but it's 10 years + later and my parents live uptown and so no more boulder run trips or late night cheese fries at gay diner (RIP!) or a few days with free meals and laundry. sad for me, i know. high school nostalgia for me usually translates into bands, shows, thrift stores, and unrequited love. that was all i was really into. (so much has changed? not really?)

theodore james and i were waxing nostalgic via 'the text message' yesterday..i told him to come pick me up (in his MR2..holy fucking RIP, that car IS high school) and let's go to sam goody dude, ill communication came out today!! (MR2 deserves a blog post of it's own. the doors didn't work, you had to climb in through the window and the passenger side was like the fucking everglades bc the A/C leaked and so my ratty corduroys and backpack were always soaking wet. aw!)

also: how come good bands don't play roseland anymore? remember when downstairs at roseland was where everyone smoked and did bad things and you could sit down there and meet other crusty suburban high school kids? what's the downstairs like there now, anyways? a bar with 18 dollar douchetinis? i saw every epic 90s band there..pavement in 94, GBV opened for THEM, bitches!!! (big pete from pete and pete was there and i was sorta in love. he may be responsible for my longtime sweet emotion for gingers)

also, FACT: first real show ever was at THE ACADEMY (jesus, RIP, what am i, 100 years old??)..it was, umm urge overkill i think? YES. i also saw matthew sweet and sonic youth (washing machine tour) there, there were so many more, who knows. (please note that the clip below is from VH1 CLASSIC. sweet jeebs, CLASSIC?!? i am a hundred)

if i really wanted to round out the nostalgia post (which could go on for forever) i would post my junior prom picture..betsey johnson rose print minidress, black nails, fishnets, black patent leather mary-janes (1995, duh). i sent it to db and bdonns, but i am not quite ready to post it for googleable shenanigans. cross your fingers, maybe one day!
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