thank god girls can hit girls

the aunthenticity of the hills is getting more and more SOSPECHOSO as the weeks go by...last night they resorted to that age-old tv trick of "hey! here's a new family member from out of nowhere to liven up the scene!" the SHE-PRATT (LC made a joke!), spencer's sister? hmmm. where has SHE been this whole time?

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besides being extremely unattractive, stephanie is a scratchy-voiced lunatic with tacky ass clothes and she's an ordained internet minister! good to know. oh- she also wants to be married in croatia. thanks crazytown, i'll make a note.

i will now make a space for ol' steph on the shelf of series character add-ons..she goes between cousin oliver and scrappy doo, just below raven simone.

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next week: a very special episode involving 'the bad touch' and a lesson about racism.
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