this may be my hangover talking

ok, i know 4 things about kim kardashian.

1. her dad defended OJ
2. she has a sex tape
3. she's in playboy right now
4. that ass is unreal

by all accounts, she is not someone i would think i would have ANYTHING good to say about (except about the ass..it's really like nothing i've ever seen. i wonder if j.lo throws darts at her picture?)

but, much like the hot dirtbag version of shia in the post below, and UNLIKE that sasquatch wonky-eyed man-handed paris hilton, this no-makeup casual-fur kim is like 900 times hotter than any slutty in heels pic that i see of her on perez 80 times a day.

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she's actually really pretty, no?

feel free to disagree. it's fine, you're just wrong!

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