time to shine like the top of the chrysler building

so lately all i want to wear is long sleeved anything under all my dresses and i have been really really realllly into knee socks ? but like...long, kinda baggy, almost over your knee socks. preferably grey, and only with flats, short boots, or an occasional lady miss kier platform mary-jane.

LET'S BE CLEAR, the look is inspired by THESE specific ideas and key phrases..prada s/s 06 and young ladies of the 1930s, hard knock life, pinafore smock layers, apple seller era with a 90s 60s angela chase/rosemary's baby thing mixed in. ok?

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NO, the knee sock thing should NEVER EVER feel like harajuku girls, baby one more time, tatu, porno fantasy, naughty nurses, paris hilton slutty costume or mary-katherine gallagher:

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truthfully, this clip will give you all the direction you need..is it un-PC to find fashion inspiration in abandoned orphans of the depression era? (i mean, ANNIE is just a MOVIE!) (i am saving my 'miss hannigan' look for summer 08. too bare. 'adorable orphan' is warmer for winter)

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