meh & yeah

first BALENCIAGA liquid-metal-car-seat-upholstery-chic sighting!! sigh sigh, NOT on MK, as i hoped and would DIE to see. on nicole kidman, who, ok, does wear baaaaaalens a lot, but this is sorta a lame ass cop-out. come ON! if you're gonna wear it, WEAR IT GIRL! don't make this crazy shiny foil thing into some boring ass SUIT..the bleach job, plus shinytight botox face, plus blinding fake picture smile with crazy tux make this a certifiable RETINA BURNER. proceed with caution.

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on the thumbs WAY FUCKING UP side, though, is this 'roisin murphy' who i will not pretend to really know much about EXCEPT that she chose to wear wacky margiela (ela, ela, ela) to an awards show in london. and not just the shoulders! the eye-visor sunglasses things! she is amazing! new fave!

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(i sorta want to see chloe sevigny wearing this, you know?) (oh..and me. i want to see ME wearing this. sighhhhhhhs all around)


Unknown said...

seriously, major margiela shoulder moment. you should see the video where she's in the diner. she walks in with a gareth pugh cape and underneath is wearing a black margiela shouldered shrug. CRAMAZING.

also cramazing: "she [Whitney] is a shining example of something vague and wonderful."

Bubeau said...

the metal suit looks like that iconic robot lady from metropolis.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i'm so glad you posted about this n.k. issue. i nearly puked when i opened star and saw this snazzy silver on the stepford wife. big time fashion NOOO!!
and i support the new fave gal. a sexystellar jetsons appropriate number and the cajones to back it up.

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