shark jumper

if you are SHOCKED and DISMAYED by any of the following:

slurry probs def coked up models
really odd WEIRDO accents (is this what canadians sound like? what is wrong with them???)
the scissor sisters (and incorrect lip-syncing of)
name-dropping (sean AND john lennon, zac posen, major tom)
really bad jokes followed by the forced laughter of sycophants

..then please, do NOT watch this video of uber-model irina getting ready for...something, who knows, does it matter?

(sidenote, there is an annoying commercial beforehand...it may be the SIDEKICK commercial starring OF MONTREAL which is kind of bonkers. i mean, that PLUS the outback jingle must be making them some serious bank, right? hey, i guess glitter tranny makeup and fannypacks don't come cheap, bitches.)

slightly sad to say it but...OFFICIALLY OVER IRINA!

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