sweet emotion

dearest new york city,

i was very much thinking that you had become so squeaky clean and shined up that nothing illicit or shocking ever happened much out in the open anymore. times square is full of italian tourists looking for nike and fake purses and every last dirty once-decrepit corner is full of new condos with yoga rooms and wifi in the showers. but then...

but THEN!

you realllllly gave me a little jolt today when i looked up from my desk and saw out of the windows and windows and windows that line my fancy office building:

a full on GNARRRLY BLOW JOB on the roof of the port authority!

(i am on the 6th floor of my building and it is directly level with the roof parking level of the PA)

holy fucking crapballs, you guys.
i had my nose pressed against the glass like a homeless waif in a dickens novel. it was RIVETING!!! and not just a little gross. i will spare you the details but....dang. i had dramatic prairie dog eyeballs for like, an hour afterwards.

no matter how cleaned up you think this dang city is, it's kinda comforting to know that the port authority is still gross, right?

thanks nyc!
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