this is just between you and me, ok?

as someone who has just watched the uncut 900 hour version of the 40 year old virgin on usa for uh..the second time in a row, i want to go out on a limb and kinda declare my crush on seth rogan. i know, i know.

just to set the rekkid straight though, it's not seth rogan NOW that i dig, the 'hey wow, i'm the new paradigm for a leading man in the nerds are hot era! i need black glasses and a gym membership.'; but seth rogan THEN, the 'this is probs the most screentime i've gotten since freaks and geeks and that was like, in the 90s. pass the quesadillas, brah'.

i think it's leftover throbbage from when i was a sophomore and i was in love with some of the biggest potheads in my school? i mean...don't know what to say. tonight, as i watch this movie (again) i want to do it to seth rogan. i hope you can all understand.


brendan donnelly said...

i thought you had a crush on that freaky teenaginger from harry potter?

White Lightning said...

oh man, i have just got SO MUCH LOVE INSIDE, you know? i can spread it around!

edgecakez said...

CHUBB CRUSH PART TWO BO! i am hearing you on this but in some ways i feel like the makeout would be awkward and fumbly...after all, he is still a chubbs. just sayin!

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