now i know what out of work writers are doing during this agonizing, depressing, gossip girlless, jim halpert free, liz lemonlost writer's strike.

they are DRINKING.

saturday night in the west vill at DUBLIN 6 (a bar i can't say i would ever go to on my own, but a dear friend was turning the dirty thirty), i saw AMY POEHLER (total midge, btw. anklebiter), SETH MEYERS (hot but lookin a little tired), LUTZ FROM 30 ROCK (hot blond girlfriend. thanks hit TV show!), ANDY SAMBERG (call me) and colbert report staff, etc etc etc.

andy samberg didn't get my mindfax that we are supposed to fall in love and have hippie indie rock jew love children. upsetting. possibly it could not penetrate the hair? he left too early for me to try jedi mind tricks.

put down the miller lites and get back to fucking work, please. i can't take it anymore! i'm watching CELEBRITY APPRENTICE FOR PETE'S SAKE. blerg.


brendan donnelly said...

well i'm watching "little people big world" if it makes you feel any better.
came up with a sitcom idea to pitch. your helping out with writing it once the strike is over.

it's little people big world meets the apprentice meets gossip girl meets 30 rock meets the office...its not reality tv, its scripted. imagine the possibilites:

plot: little people who work at nbc as writers for a comedy about the fashion world for little people. they are all competing against each other to see who will be head writer.

boo yah, cha ching!

Unknown said...

was gob bluth there?

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