i fear change

balence! ads! spring versus fall! fall is so much better, spring is somewhat of a bummer, is it just me? the fall shoot was so odd and dark and a capture of 'the off moment', i really really liked them. there is one on my table right now. because i like it. i was hoping that spring would be a pattern explosion, at least a crazy carpet like in the show. not just a studio shoot. i realize the shapes are so so dominant..but..like..i don't know. i'm kinda disappointed.

F/W 07, dunno who shot it

S/S 08, david sims

ps, i DESPERATELY want to touch one of these dresses. i need to see it in person!

pics are filched from a random google image search and TFS


Bubeau said...

White Lightning, George "Drunky" Jones


Unknown said...

oh, i forgot. do you have a TFS membership? do you want one?

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i hope you get to see one soon love..or at least that you are having recurring dreams of you romping around the city in one. i can envision you in it, with your sweet 60's shades, gallavanting about.

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