the new regime

so, going off my ANTI-EFFORTLESS rant below, i decided to salute someone who MOST CERTAINLY makes an effort.

arden wohl makes a fucking effort. i mean, she really does.


does it always work? uh, no.
but does it matter? i am gonna say no. sometimes she looks like a lunatic, but it's FASHION, you know? LET'S NOT HATE LIFE SO MUCH. LET'S HAVE FUN.

i was never a fan of those fucking dirty bakery strings that everyone was wearing around their heads 2 summers ago but like, this is next level. i think she puts anything up there. i am waiting for her to rock telephone cords. or maybe spaghetti. popcorn cranberry garlands. a striped tube sock. who knows.


as an aside, during one of those nights that are part of, as they say, 'only in new york' kind of stories, i once went to her parent's house. [ this was BBS (before bakery strings), like 2001]. all i have to say is A. it is epic. and B. everything in the kitchen was one pattern. everything. curtains, wallpaper, tablecloths. everrrryyyythinggggg. if 'digital cameras' were something that we carried around in those days i would have taken 900 pictures. it's very telling. i mean, she had to get that 'sure why not' taste from somewhere.

all photos from 'the internet'. mostly style.com. obvs.
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