oh la la

i did it

i bought them

the boots. THE BOOTS.

i love them. i am 90 feet tall. they are dementedly fantastic. hideously amazing. i love them!!

i had crisis of la mode and there are piles of clothes everywhere and my digital camera is somewhere in the rubble.

photographic evidence COMING SOON !


Unknown said...


i'm wearing my jil sander graduation gown today. if i get out of this work thing early enough, i'll see you at b.donn's opening?

edgecakez said...

you are a lunatic. well, better clear out the fridge cause there is DEF not one inch more of space in your "CLOSET"...or room for that matter for those gigantic freaking things you looney tunes. be careful walking up and down those five flights bo!

White Lightning said...

edge, i know. at this point i have a giant roommate and it's called my wardrobe. she is a fucking asshole that takes up all the space.

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