verrrrrry interesting

soo.....i have this other "job" connected to my REAL JOB where i write bloggy nonsense for our website (uh, i'm a SLASHIE? mmmkay? all the kids are doin it. a-hole slash magazine junkie slash blogger slash fashion addict slash mind blower. keep up!)

aaaaaaaanyway my "corporate blog" jobby is this column where i make cracks about outfits. (aka brain surgery). it is serrrrriously jokey and of course all in the name of FUN..i have done a few and for SOME REASON this week's installment, where i call katie holmes out for dressing like an old lady who still fucks the pool boy (not in the post, sadly) got EVERYONE RILED UP. when i trashed a 10 year old for wearing prada, no one cared. but i call this stepford robot an anna wintour wanna-be in an ep of cagney & lacey and people get UPSET!

my fave comment:

What is the point of this column?
Everyone that posts should be required to post a pic of themselves including Ms. S---------. (full-length) There is a mean-spiritedness that reminds me that this country’s favorite pastime is public humiliation. Bring out the scarlet letters and stockades. Fashion is fun. Degrading people is a sickness. What does her personal life have to do with her outfit?

'MS. S---------!' awesome!! hee! what this lady don' unnastan is that i am SO FUN. i love fun, i love people going for it. i just don't get why a 20-something hot girl wants to look like a sexy-genarian. know wha i mean?

here ya go chiquita..full length, me. thrift store dress and patent chloe booties. degrade away!


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