weak in the knees


apparently the girls, they did not go ga-ga for the chloe fall 07 collection. all the better for me as i got a sick dress for like, nothingggg (well...relatively speaking, of course) and am now contemplating the boots. i mean, "THE BOOTS". the boots i died for.


do i do it? is it crazy? crazy awesome of crazy retarded? in 5 years am i gonna be like, digging them out of the back of a closet and so so psyched that in my late 20s i was gloriously fiscally irresponsible in the name of fashion? they are ridiculously reduced. ooohhh temptation, you evil minx.


Anonymous said...

no, i'm with you, i was all over fw07, and i really really wanted those boots too, but when i tried the orange pair on at neimans they felt like they were made of fucking cardboard and styrofoam, they were a piece of crap!!!

:( :( too bad...theyre majorly marked down

Unknown said...

DO IT...DO IT!!!

(unless they actually feel like they're made of cardboard and styrofoam, in which case, totally don't)

brendan donnelly said...

do it! st. marks place circa 97 meets prague industrial night club.
do it.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i think, as others have said-shitty construction-think twice. but what kinda markdown are we talking..they could appreciate in value..also brendan's got a good point. everything in fashion is cyclical. by the time you unearth them, they'll be such a vintage amalgam and you'll be a terrific success, so fiscal-shmidsal.

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