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can you feel it? like a northern bullet? FASHION WEEK, BABIES, fashion week! omigodomigodomigod, all very exciting although...i have become a bit of that fashion a-hole that is like, new york? ho-hum. bring on PARIS. but still the looneytuney spectacle that is marc is enough to make one whole week interesting. and i almost always like proenza's fall better than their spring. and i'm really just being bratty; i will find something to post about every day, i know it.

so far the only show that has caught my eye is KATY RODRIGUEZ (someone loves their shoulders by margielaaaaa...)


but the idea that really got me the monochromatic dress-tights-shoes combo..right before i looked at the show i had pulled this pic off the facehumter...where the fark do you find pink wedge boots like that?! stockholm, i guess. fuck! i love them!

katy rodriguez f/w 08 (style.com)

sad superpink swedish girl (facehunter, obvs)

oh and a PS that is ba-reaking-a my HEART...YVAN le faceunter is skipping NY fashion week to snap some more pretty pretty scandanavians. can you blame him? sadface!


Unknown said...

those pink shoes look like dries rip-offs. i think topshop made some like that.

is it weird that I'M TOTALLY A GIRL???

Gnarlitude Jen said...

wow i love the woman in all pink! and i really really love her wedge boots! if you locate them um please let me know.
i'm with you on the excitement for paris (i live for ann demeulemeester!) but i'll still be waking up early to see all the collections as they come out each morning.
funny katy was also the only one besides band of outsiders to also catch my eye. i think the pointy shoulders are so obvs margiela but i like good use of leather and being inspired by roxy music can't hurt either.
also bummer on facehunter not coming for ny fash week, i was thinking he'd photograph susie bubble totally out of her element in ny and still the best dressed.
ok end of super long comment now.

Madeline said...

i hope red tights dont become a trend. they're just so fun, it would be a shame to walk around and see everyone with red legs. theyd totally lose their effect.

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