better late than never

i've been so busy at work that i haven't been able to post about the biggest news this week in 'magazine design nerd weekly' (aka inside my head)


resigned from french vogue and is teaming up with glenn o'brien to totally revamp interview magazine.

holy crap.

so..no more frenchy with la carine, she will soldier on (she says) with the current directeur artistique; this dude johann svensson (who i think was at jane for a bit and left there to go to paris v, can you blame him).

i never look at interview...who the fuck reads interview? seriously. i mean, i WANT to like it but my eyeballs glaze over with to these fucking celebrities interviewing each other about dumb shit and say stuff like ' you were so inspirational to me in that role, i really SAW you as a retarded junkie prostitute with a heart of gold '. PLUS the paper it's printed on is gross and it is template design at it's most blah.

and SO.

i CAN'T WAIT. the may issue is supposed to be their first...stay tuned for psychedness on this here blog !

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Gnarlitude Jen said...

oh weird and yeah this news still isn't enough to make me pick up interview unless he completely changes it and well, i could really give a shit less about celebs you know??
carine will soldier on. that's great. i love her & french vogue. now if julia got behind a mag, then that is something i'd definitely read.

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