i know it's a problem

i found a pic of the boots at marc by marc! there was a slideshow on this little website called 'the new york times'



these are sick! very annie potts in pretty in pink. this shade of pink may be a stretch but black seems boooooring...i would just wear the pink ones as if they were black, i.e. with EVERYTHING. i just showed them to one of the fashion girls bifen, she is not exactly feeling me on this. but i am NOT SWAYED. must have.


Unknown said...

these jonathan saunder shoes are also pretty good:


Gnarlitude Jen said...

Yeah um omg. I can't wait to try these on. and then run out into the street in them. completely amazing!
and again, we are totally on the same page here.

Mary-Laure said...

Hmmmm, I dunno. Everyone seems to be so crazy about Marc Jacobs but what items by him I tried on were really bad quality and, sure enough, it was all Made In China.
When I splurge for designer clothes/shoes, I expect top quality, from the best craftspeople in the US and Europe.

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