no stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks

time for another time machine flashback (i love nothing better than to reminisce)

july 2000...freshly graduated and doin' nothin' at all at mom and dad's sweet suburban set-up. i packed up all my polaroid cameras and like 500 cds and climbed up in my black explorer with my cousin chris and my bff theodore james and us three yahoos drove me 3,000 miles out to california, where i had a job and boyfriend waiting in los angeleeeeez.

3 smart-ass 21-year-old white kids from the northeast..we drank and smoked our way through this fair country's dirty south (my first time seeing the USA coast to coast..) the whole time only listening to ONE RECORD.

DR DRE. 2001. for weeks.

at graceland. in new orleans. through a bajillion miles of texas. pullin up to the hoover dam. hittin the grand canyon. it just never got old!

oh man. i think about it now and i die laughing slash can't believe we didn't get into any sort of trouble. i remember blasting 'the next episode' while we cruised the main strip in ROSWELL, new fucking mexico (ALIENS, dude!) and played mini-golf (possibly while under the influence...) and were like, the biggest pains in the asses of all times (who, me?).

i've been listening to this album a lot again, i love it. beeteedubz, where dre at these days? he still rock his khakis with a cuff and crease or what?


Graham Smith said...

oh my god so many stories about that album. well first of all it's the best album of all time obviously. second of all i named an album after a line on it, and there still exists a picture of me recreating the tray image (Dre smelling a large bag of weed).

but third of all and clearly most importantly, i had taken the cd (which came out in 1999 btw, which really made 2001 pushing it pretty hard) to a party in chicago and left it there. this was in the winter. many attempts were made to reclaim it. no dice. cut to the summer. one evening super late i was walking from my house in madison to downtown when i hear a clatter behind me; somebody has thrown a cd out of a car. i decide to go look at it (the last time i did this it was some pretty sweet polish disco tunes but it was broken). lo and behold, it is the chronic 2001, a bit scratched but still in its case so basically ready to go.

also previously to this i had run out of weed because i was broke. well that night i found some in an old bag and took it to the park wherein i was treated to a light show of not only the aurora borealis but also the LEONID FUCKING METEOR SHOWERS. it was like dr. dre had rent the sky asunder to appease my frazzled nerve endings.

r.i.p the chronic 2001

White Lightning said...

i will let you maintain anonymity for the masses but you ain't foolin me. love an EPIC blog comment

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