oh you know, just a modern love story

have you seen the new kanye video?

hoooooly shit. you have to.
uh, it's c0-directed by k dubz and spike jonze. oh, NOW you're interested.

ok well there are only 3 shots in the whole 3 minutes..hot bitch drives to deserted spot, takes off her clothes and sets them on FIRE, walks back to car and reveals kanye bound and gagged in the trunk, caresses his face and then...the camera pulls back while she kills him with a shovel. short and sweet! you will NOT be able to refrain from singing 'flashing LIGHTS' over and over again...well ok i can't.

best lyric: like katrina with no fema / like martin with no gina

video from kanye's blog (!) which is actually kind of good


brendan donnelly said...

kanye and spike = the president and vice president of the united "altered" states of america..
that womans body = holy shit!!!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

rumpshaker assasin.

p.s. you right, his blog is surprisingly righteous.

edgecakez said...

eff kanye and spike, that ASS is the star of the video.

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