PARIS paris paris, paris paris parissssssssssss. !!!

there's really so little that is getting me excited these days (exceptions: mark "my future husband" ronson, talking about the hills, the imminent return of the office, kanye singles and pink tights. ) that this week, the last week, the BEST week of FALL/WINTER fashion....is making me bounce in my seat. literally. bouncing. right now.

BALENCIAGAAAAAAA!!! COMME! DRIES! omg CHLOELOUISVUITTONMIUMIUYOHJIMARGIELALANVIN plus like 50 million other good shows...no, seriously, i am SO so so amped (yeah i said amped).

ok, relax. there isn't anything that great yet. juuuuuuuuust getting you ready.

*this means grapefruit. my french is kinda limited, ok?

1 comment:

jen said...

OMG i am seriously just as excited! I don't to even go to work i just want to wait and watch the collections come out. sick sick sick

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