preppy death

are you there god? it's me, elizabeth. (hi!) may i be so bold as to ask you to cast a benevolent eye upon me and please, please make it your duty that i NEVER READ ANOTHER WORD ABOUT VAMPIRE WEEKEND EVER AGAIN?


i was already sick of these a-holes in july and their album just came out last week. i can't take it anymore. i don't want to read another word about columbia, the upper west side, docksiders, preppy sweaters or 'afro-pop flavor' ever again.

i had to cover their smug little faces with fake moustaches to keep from throwing my laptop out the window.

thanks a million lord and savior, yr tops.

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LDF said...

I remember reading about them in Vogue last year. Vogue!
Does one of their Mum's work there?
I've never wanted to hear their songs...they could be awesome and I just don't care!

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