reality is so unreal

so today was the inspiration-slash-torture that is going to see these objet that i have been freaking out over in real life..i dragged my sister to prada & miu miu to see the spring collections in LIVING COLOR.

they look so. fucking. amazing. i have to tell you, these loco fairytale silky prada situations are so so lovely to touch and look at but..the most incredible thing in PERSON were these pants:


photos do NOT do them justice.

they are like this super-architectural work of art. i am SERIOUS! they look like they are all flowy and liquidy but they are NOT...they are a stiff structured material..almost like a starched organza? does that make any sense? they are low on the hip, with a giant bell-bottom and at the knee there are all these pin-tucks and a crease and just..all these intricate DETAILS..they are fucking fantastic. if you have the means and the height and the gams please PLEASE buy them. and wear them. with like a white tank top and old brown sandals and like...eat a sandwich in the park and be lazy in a hammock. they are too good !

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