s'all right fer fightin (friday, that is)

tomorrow, epics (sometimes i go to brooklyn, part 2) :

NOBODY IS FAMOUS IN NEW YORK! not true, i am super famous.

molinga is in this show, plus other peeps

103 Broadway at Berry, Brooklyn.
February 22nd 6 PM

i'll be there.

IVAN SUNSHINE'S birthday epics afterward, details to follow, WATCH THIS BLOG

UPDATES (told you!): berko bday, tomorrow night, daddy's. lateish. see you then!!


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

fuckerfuckfuck.iwas totally going to this [until..well that's for another time.] my buddy josh is showing fotos.
man i do so like you and ivan and josh and art and fotos and stuff.
of course it's the frickin'night i can't make it...
perhaps tomorrow.let's be in touch ma dear.

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