she don't believe in shooting stars but she believe in shoes and cars*

ok, i am not susiebubble or that stylebytes gal; i'm only photogenic about 8% of the time so i won't be making too much of a habit of posting about me and my LOOKS but i need to stay distracted and so...there you go, blog timez.

today i woke up late and cranky and out of sorts and so i went for all the stuff that makes me happy, if only to save my dear co-workers from me in a bad mood.

my 80s charm necklace (adding to it all the time, if you wanna raid yr mom's house and donate, HOLLA..i need the skeleton and boombox)

my obscenely orange wolford tights (someone at work asked me if they need batteries) and these faux-chloe (fl-aux-e?) stompers that are loud as fuck and i have been wearing non-stop

and this denim-bubble-jumper-pocketed-situation that is..um..prrrrrrobably the least sexy thing you could ever wear, like ever, but i heart it and wear it a LOT.

it helped a little.

*still kanye obsessed


hard liquor; soft holes said...

do you have a blue boxing glove because i have one of those somewhere, too.

you look great, btw.

sleepyhead said...

you should do more posts like this, i enjoy peepin your personal style. as for the loud tights and stompers, go 'head girl!

White Lightning said...

really? thanks! i can never tell if people are into that or not. maybe i will do one once a week or something..

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

you are some hot to trot ma'dear..
i wonder what happened to my charm necklace...wait now i'm a wee bit bummered out. drats.
p.s. sweet find on the chloe knock offs.they're super.

spectacular views said...

i looove the boot/nylon combo

Ida said...

where are the shoes from?, they are lovely!

Leti said...

I totally tried that denim thing on yesterday and almost bought, then talked myself out of it because I thought it would be too conceptual for my bf.

Anonymous said...

In Vodoun, or Voodoo, gris-gris resemble charms or talismans which are kept for good luck or to ward off evil.

White Lightning said...

the shoes are steve madden!!! clearance. 40 bucks, yo. seriously! (um..i bought the black ones too...shhh)

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