someone didn't get the memo

armand basi wasn;t included in the london goth pact. (a message in a spiderweb? a note written in blood on a mortuary wall? what are goth memos made of, i wonder).

anyways he was shiny happy balenciaga bells and a LEATHER BABYDOLL DRESS that ummmmm... is realllllly necessary for my mental well-being.




and as for these shoes. they are deffff challenging me in those crazy prints, but i like the solid. i have a vintage black patent pair that are really similar (and recently fell apart spectacularly while i was out one night. i want to fix them but i'm totes afraid of my korean shoe fixin lady, she berates me for buying veeentage shoes bc they fall apart and my fragile ego can only have her yell at me once a month. so they sit in the corner of my room)

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