young lust

i am so into PINK these days...this is highly irregular for me.
i have exactly 3 pink things- an h&m dress that is a lanvin knock-off, a thrift store sassy secretary kind of dress, and almost-neon pink tights from topshop from like 5 years ago. i am wearing them all the time (not dress & tights together, but that is tempting...) but like..i got pink on the brain. i blame those marc by marc boots i wrote about the other day.


i am convinced you should wear it with everything, but there are only a few acceptable shades: patent pepto (like the gucci peep toe boots, bottom left...can steve madden make a cheap pair of these PLEASE?), super shocking (like at jil sander, top right) and salmon-y-ish like the little suit top left (by a british designer who i forget the name of! oopsy doops). i know this dusty dreamy pastel-y color thing is a trend right now but...so not my steez. you can keep it.


Unknown said...

sooooo weird, because i was JUST about to tell you how totally into super washed out colors i am right now. like super dusty, super last season christopher kane, mid-90s mom colors.

White Lightning said...

i get it, for sure. it's is just sooo not me. it's actually almost cooler for guys.

Unknown said...

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