still epicly persuing monochromatic looks.

i bought these cheap little canvas flats from the H&M to wear only with my red red red tights. (from american apparel, which i hate to plug but dang..the tights are pretty best. i think i have every color. some of the colors are so FLAT. it's really pleasing).

i loved looking down all day.

so since i am in this monochrome kind of mood, i saved this detail shot, my favorite part of the nina ricci show...look at all that orange; i would maybe never wear any of this but all together, right here i really enjoy it


besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

fiesty fiery fantastic boombastic.
you're stemmed are helluv electric ladylove !

sleepyhead said...

have you seen the red monochromatic outfit from iceberg's F/W08 collection? it features a red chain-link scarf that i think you'll like.

kpriss said...

now that's some red something there!
And you had a red mood only? (how far did you took it, anyway?) I kinda hoped for more than just the leg ;)

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