(had) a pocket full of pretty green

on saturday i engaged in what they call "retail therapy". are you familiar? it is much like "drinking to forget" except you spend more money and there may be more crying later, depending on your recklessness.

i went to my 2 fave vintage spots narnia & poppet. see?

i swear the day didn't start out that way...i swear i just went to falai for cappuccino and a bombolone but then i just stopped into narnia for a SECOND and well...i just got seduced. an epicly amazing gal named amanda was working that day and we bonded cuz i picked out everything she wanted to get for herself.


i bought this shirt/dress thang (shirt fer work, dress fer goin out). ( i have not figured out how to make the light really good for these kind of pictures..daytime? dunno. sorry)

it's pinky and forest green and maroon and has a crazy collar and i love it already

there were realllly cute shoes as well but they seemed a little expensive for the lukewarm feelings i had for them and so i left.

on to poppet.
poppet is so fun. and heartaching. and INSANE. everything there makes my heart race. if you have the time, and are in the mood, you could spend hours there with billie, one of the owner ladies, trying on everything in sight that she tosses your way. there is always disco music playing and i always find one thing - this time it was 600 dollar 70s platforms- that makes me wanna cry because i can't have it.

sidenote- billie is amazing. she is like a teeny tiny happy fashion sprite with wild red hair and colored tights and enormous shoes. i want to be her when i grow up.

i found a wool babydoll dress that is maybe also a coat? it has double-breasted buttons down the front. and these hot pink 60s sorta-flats with a velvety ribbon. HOT PINK SEDUCTION!

and now? less than broke. oooopsydoops.

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

well, you look great.
so you know, it was all worth it, right?
i have to say that cause rationalizing is my thing...
and funny, i almost stopped in poppets today, but didn't cause i was afraid of what i might find and HAVE to have..
billie is a HOOT, indeed.
was the lagerfeld belt there. i want it but it's rental only..
i was in there around halloween and i was oscillating btw jane birken and nancy spundgen..
she told me she 'doesn't do halloween' since she dresses in costume everyday, she thinks she'd have to come into the party on a float or something.
next levelz for real.
oh and i looove that top/dress and the velvet bowed shoes!

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