i am JUST SAYING part 2: this is some bullshit up in here

um, excuse me?
not sure how i missed this in elle the first time, but i just opened to their beauty section and something felt realllllly FAMILIAR:

elle march 08

oh RIGHT it was because it looks just like THIS:

T the new york times style magazine fall 2007

um...if you're gonna rip something off, at least do it better

my blood pressure is through the fucking roof right now.
yoga breaths!!!


Gnarlitude Jen said...

no shit! how retarded.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

btw did you see your dresses are now at NAP?

White Lightning said...

ohh WHAT!!! omg the dark one is so so lovely. 1600 bones! what a fucking racket.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

that's some for realsies shit. somebodies biting on your shiz dog.

Anonymous said...

no one noticed, right? it's just elle. and who is times magazine, anyway? like anyone reads that thing? and from the fall edition (2007, helloooo, that was long time agooo?!) until now who remembers anything?
or - who religiously reads elle has no idea what T magazine is.

White Lightning said...

yes, true, there is maybe not a large crossover of elle & T's audience. but people notice, *I* noticed. and the larger issue, to me, is that there is something that is just inherently lazy and sort of half-assy to me about doing things like this, especially if you are supposed to be a respected art director of a certain stature. there are innovators and there are imitators and there is something in-between and there is something to be said for all of those positions. HOWEVER it is not an excuse to be like, oh who reads it anyway. i feel like you should have more pride in your work than to just have no other way to solve a problem than to flat out copy. just my opinion!

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