i am a magazine freak. i love them. i really do...and i do not discriminate. i read/thumb through almost all of them, i like to see what everyone else is doing PLUS i am a girl and i like to see stuff i want to buy.

so along with purple, another magazine, arena homme +, french vogue, etc, i look at bazaar and american elle and american vogue...i look at everything. seriously.

sometimes it kills me. i feel pain. real pain.
i have always hated the fact that by and large MEN'S mags (in america) use photography and design in a MUCH more interesting way than the women's magazines. i have always wondered...why are details and gq and esquire much more into typography and design and new photographers (some do it better than others, but that is another discussion for another time) than vogue or elle? the goal is the same- to showcase advertisers and make some CASH MONEY MONEY..but why is it that american women's magazines can't seem to do it like this:

french vogue march 2008 david sims / marie-amelie sauve

this is a beautiful opener. the design & photography & styling are all interesting and harmonious and strong...why will i never open american vogue and feel this excited? this sort of beauty can be acheived whether or not the styling is kooky (i love you MAS), so i won't buy that excuse.

which is why when a "mainstream" american mag like elle tries so hard to do this kind of thing and just gets it so so wrong, i want to cry.
ever since joe zee has taken over the mag, i have to say i think that the mag overall has gotten so much BETTER (um..sorry giles)..and the most recent issue has stories shot by alexei hay and serge leblon, something that i find really kind of great and exciting and NEW.

but...why? WHY would you do this to your story?

american elle march 2008 chad pitman / christopher niquet

wtf is this type?
why would you do some sort of insane color repeat explosion next to this quiet soft pretty image? you have KILLED this picture. this looks crazy. there is no logic, there is no reason, there is no harmony. it looks like the last story ends on the left and the next story begins on the right and you are like, uh-what the hell am i looking at? this kind of shit KILLS me. it does. there is a school of so-bad-its-good design that definitely RULES (check out super super mag, if you don't know the vibe) but this is not it. this is a bummer.

ok, i had to get that out. i feel much better now


Anonymous said...

I liked a ton of the combinations in the March Elle, but I must agree that type is fucking retarded. I'm not sure what they were trying to pull, but it did not work...

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

incongruous indeed.
they've buried christophers parisian subtlety into a supersuper stupor.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

ah, i love this post and agree with absolutely everything you've said. every mag i read these days besides like fashion mini and V is french. vogue, homme, jalouse, etc. after growing tired of all this that you mention.

laia. said...

I agree that their design has gotten better (though why they always end up using Bodoni-esque fonts on a redesign is beyond me, Jane did it too) but I'm thinking they try really hard to make the editorial pages look cool to make up for the fact that they have so much useless dieting/dating crap in the FOB.

laia. said...

Not that there's anything wrong with Bodoni. I love Bodoni.

White Lightning said...

ahhh you are PAYING ATTENTION..the design director at elle is the same guy who did that to jane. and the same one who did it to the short-lived magazine vitals (also with joe zee..).

i am so NOT A FAN of his work and so i will not print his name but...yeah. bodoni lover.

laia. said...

haha, really? I totally didn't know.
I'm off to do some googling now.

a visual feast said...

it's the new ugly trend pervading magazines

etc etc

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