i'm gonna need a bigger boat

my taste in thrift leans heavily toward the 60s; i have a healthy love of polyester frocks and chunky heeled loafers, sandals and slightly grandma-esque shoes.
oh yeah, totally.
i love it so much.

which is why the marc by marc s/s 07 collection made my heart beat a little faster than most..so many of the dresses and shoes looked they were right out of my giant mess of a closet. (and giant mess of a brain)

friday morning in LA i went shoppin round town with dre and we stopped at marc by marc on melrose..just to inspect the goods, ya know, research. [ sidenote #1: the store there is like 10x the size of the store here and it is actually a pleasure to look at everything and try stuff on..not like it is in the claustrophobic hallway of a shop on bleecker ]

but i digress.
i was obsessed with these dresses:

and these shoes:

and about 900 other things...i wanted to get them so bad but with the average price for each running about 485 AMERICAN DOLLAS, i was kind of..how do you say?..shit out of luck. and sad! so very sad.

[ sidenote #2: while we were in the store, marc HIMSELF was there, avec new boytoy, checking out his scene and picking up a few things. i was slightly beside myself. but his outfit was so so chelsea cliche tacky..can i just say i really MISS when he was a chubby stan smith'd nerd ? the hair is still blue. just fyi. ]

what was a girl to do?
i had to find a way to quell the fashion beast and so i hit a few of my favorite old places in the city...that vintage store on melrose (i know, ew! but they have cool shoes that are cheap!) across from johnny rockets..i got these shoes for $20

and as for the dress? i went to mecca, my happy place, my weakness and part of the reason why i moved from california back to new york with an embarrassing amount of boxes full of homemade skirts, quincenera-worthy dresses, mutton-sleeved plaid blouses and so much polyester...the jet rag dollar piles. every sunday. everything's a dollar.
(i know!)
if you love to dig in giant piles of god-knows-what for something special...this is your place.

so, fake marc dress: $1. i love it so much.

ps the dress is ankle length, i have to get it hemmed, so it looks kinda lumpy cuz i had to fold it under in the pic....


Sally Jane Vintage said...

I loved that collection too. I so rarely find things fron the 60's when I'm thrifting. That's a great find at the Jet Rag sale. I went a few times but it's like swimming in sharf infested water. Once someone grabbed my own sweater right out of my hand as I was digging through the piles! I guess someone bought it for a dollar. :) Do you ever go to Shareen's? It's seriously in the middle of nowhere but I swear it's the best (and most affordable) vintage in LA. Every third Saturday she has a $3 sale - and it puts Jet Rag's selection to shame.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

total scores! the shoes are on point! you are like "the look for less" but not shitty and not hosted by elizabeth hasselback nee filarsky or yoanna house winner of cycle 2 of america's next top obscurity. or "runway to real way" which never really worked for me as a play on words.

laia. said...

That's so crazy, the shoes are pretty much the same! I guess when luck's on yr side, you just gotta run with it.

I miss old Marc too. I saw him and the dude around the Mercer a couple of months ago and they were fighting like cats and dogs and it was a bummer.

Gnarlitude Jen said...

no kidding that dress is amazing. and i'm with you on missing the old marc too. can't you do some witchery and bring him back??

hard liquor; soft holes said...

also, was marc's new bf hot?

Gnarlitude Jen said...

marc's new dude...

White Lightning said...

ok, SJ VInt: i have neverrrr been there, TOTALLY have to coincide next trip with $3 dollar sale. jet rag is def dog eat dog..i like it, it's an experience. it's fun to hustle sometimes.

jen: that IS the new dude i saw, he basically looks like the old one but blondish. marc made him carry all the shopping bags! haahaah.

steve...hot is um..in the eye of the beholder? i can't even look at these supergroomed gay dudes that way; it's so out of my taste vibe. i thought chubbz marc was sexier than this, what do i know

Leti said...

You. Are. My. Hero.

sleepyhead said...

omg, all of my siblings live in LA and whenever i visit i make a beeline for jet rag. they always have little smocks that i can't find anywhere else. pretty sweet finds, i love that dress!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

well. seems like it's all commented on.
but i'll just say you nailed it on the cheap.
and it's way cooler that way. cause ain't nobody gonna show up at the same party with the same sameness. you're fabulously funky fresh my friend.
and glad you previewed the scene. i'm going out there next week and now know where i'll be on sunday!
p.s. i need your real email for the fyi pic of earlier mentioned pink irridescent wonder..

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