jingle jangle mornin

are you sad, guys?
fashion is done! no more runways, no more kiss-kiss, no more MK in the front row. sighs. i was a teeeeensy bit disappointed in paris this season...i feel like everything i was looking forward to let me down a little (yeah, that's you marc, miuccia, nicolas & dries).

i found myself mostly obsessed with the accessories:

1 & 2
so...why don't you just get out your dremel, drill some holes in boulders from mom's driveway and string them up for an easy choker? also..ugly is the old awesome and so black anklets with multimulti sandals is really cute to me right now.

hussein chalayan / dries van noten

3 & 4
you know i love a 60s perfect circle sunglass situation. these are kinda elton john-ish and you know what? i am feeling it. i know everyone is gonna make some kind of barfy misshapes reference about the bowl cuts at ysl but fuck that..they are just cool...if i had the face for it i would do a shinyshiny overall fringe that renders me unable to see but so ready to BE SEEN.. (hey now! fashion jokes!)

sonia rykiel / ysl

5 & 6
tiny bags tiny bags! i looooove tiny bags with long straps..lately i have been looking for metal ones or mesh...i think they are the coolest thing to carry around with you, how sick are these ??

lacroix, sweetie


Bubeau said...

Trying to untangle the jingle from the jangle? It's easy if you listen with your heart.

Leti said...

OMG Those lacroix bags remind of Keren's new Ravoli purse.

Anonymous said...

yes! indeed they do. i got a metal deco purse on ebay. but i couldn't stop there, i bought a metal moroccan number next. check out the first:


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