me encanta las drogas

home sick again..strep throat. ewwww.
why does strep throat seem like something you should only get in middle school ?

so today i will watch 900 episodes of 'make me a supermodel' (which won me over when i caught a marathon on my flight to LA..perry is way too hot and that girl holly's voice is hmmm. mmmmmaybe the MOST ANNOYING thing ever. but i love this show now) and i will contemplate a very important question:

will i ever tire of la pequena?
i need to know everything about her. i hope you've all seen this already...i could listen to her say 'ah-mee weenhuss' forever

ps i am dying to do a hills recap but i just dont have the energy right now...


Gnarlitude Jen said...

I was in bed a while too this morning watching nyc housewives show and they showed a clip for the supermodel show and OMFG they flashed the word BROMANCE on the screen in regards to two of the male models. How odd considering we were just talking about how weird that would be if adapted by the media. wow.

brendan donnelly said...

i have watched that video 50 times by now and it never gets old.

"yo soy la pequena a-mi wheenhous"

it will be my new answering machine voice

Person Dog said...

Have you seen La Pequeña Heelary Cleenton yet?

White Lightning said...

schwartz, OF COURSE! i am a fan of the pequena

Person Dog said...

Me too, but I draw the line at El Machine.

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