nice bright colors

psyched on life alert: new arena homme + ! yesss.

i may have to venture to the mag man on A to see if he has it yet...and for the record, THIS is an example of ugly-as-amazing design; the m/m's are masters.

also..cole mohr is kind of amazing..he's the one on the right. the kid is kind of a chameleon

more cole love:

T nyt style mag men's fashion spring 08 // lawrence passera + beat bolliger

moving on- WHEN is the new self service gonna be out????? has anyone seen it?


laia. said...

Oh I have such an unhealthy obsession with m/m! I'm gonna have to go and buy it and my house definitely doesn't need any more magazines.

Anonymous said...

bif it's out, i have a copy. it's like the jane how issue. pretty amazing stuff.

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