oh...hello there

do you have 5 american dollars in your pocket and a prediliction toward handsome kiwis in their underpants? so weird, ME TOO!

go buy this month's issue of bust magazine!
(sidenote, this is DEF the first issue i have purchased since the women's history 101 days of like..1997..)
well it totally caught my eye cuz my boyfriends, the conchords, were on the cover. and i am weak.

tiger beat steez!!


now, if you are really reallllly in need of some super quirkster accoutrement...might i interest you in a FOC plate? avec murray?

this may be pushing it.

1 comment:

laia. said...

I don't remember the last time I bought Bust either, but seeing those two in swimsuits was too much to handle.
Have fun in LA!

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